Spadoom Red Ribbon

1. Can my business benefit from your services?

You bet it can! Nowadays, every business is going digital, which means they are moving online. Having a strong online presence can make all the difference in determining the success as well as future of your business. Ranging from retail to wholesales, you will find all types of vendors belonging to different industrial sectors who have brought about a revolution in their business by simply developing a strong online presence. E-commerce is the future, and if you too want to establish dominance in your sector, be sure to consult with us.

2. Should I get a mobile application for my business?

It depends. When you place a quote with us, our representatives will reach out to you and have your requirements thoroughly assessed. Once done, they will determine what your requirements are and what kind of services your business may be in need of. This includes determining whether your business needs a mobile application or not. It might not be necessary for your business to have a mobile app if you are not actively trading goods (such as e-commerce) or do not require to actively interact with your customers. There are many suitable alternates to having a mobile app which we would be happy to guide you on.

3. What is SAP C/4HANA?

It is an umbrella term for the combined customer experience solution offered by Spadoom which is presented to our clients with our association with SAP. SAP C/4HANA consists of five cloud solutions naming:

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Customer data cloud
  • Commerce cloud
  • Sales cloud
  • Service cloud

These services collectively make up for advanced and highly optimized customer experience. It is a customer experience suite designed to change the face of customer relationship management.

4. How is Spadoom associated with SAP?

Spadoom is an official partner of SAP, using the SAP C/4 HANA Software for eCommerce and building and customizing solutions for blue-chip clients mainly in the Retail Sector. Spadoom is 4 years old and has a strong brand image and is recognized locally in Switzerland and parts of the DACH region as a major industry player. Unlike many competitors, Spadoom offers real solutions that effectively grow and support big businesses. B2B Major Retailers within Zurich – Switzerland and the surrounding DACH regions that clearly use and/or have a high intention of using SAP C/4HANA Software for e-commerce and require to contract internal developers or outsource projects to a specialist company such as Spadoom. (Spadoom offers both options).

5. What are the advantages offered by Spadoom?

Spadoom has a proven reputation in the industry for providing SAP C/4HANA Software solutions through consulting, development, and implementation. Our customers become stronger and more powerful gaining market value and improving end-to-end user/customer experiences through e-Commerce. Some of the key benefits offered by Spadoom include:

  • Our team of Software Developers has many many years of experience (up to 20 years) specializing in the software.
  • Each team of Software developers goes through rigorous testing and training before working hands-on with a project.
  • Our Software developers are recognized in the industry as the “industry gurus”
  • Spadoom works with industry leaders and repetitive business and customer loyalty is high as a result of providing effective and professional solutions.

6. Do you have any specific requirements for the server environment?

You need to have a licensed server on which you will be running our software, the environment is not of any particular concern. Though, we would recommend having an architecture of two or more servers. In order to avoid the malfunction of the existing functionality of working applications, we would recommend having a non-productive server in terms of the installation of new updates and features.

7. How can my business benefit from SAP C/4HANA?

SAP C/4HANA provides an overall customer experience solution that combines a number of systems including machine learning, customer data, and even micro-services for the betterment of real-time engagement of customers across multiple aspects of a business such as marketing, sales, commerce, etc. it is an in-memory suite built for markets on the rise and Spadoom can provide expertise in implementation and setting up of the C/4HANA system.

8. How can a CRM help my business?

A CRM can help your business uphold its relationship with individual groups of people associated with your business such as customers, suppliers, or colleagues throughout the lifecycle of your business. This will ultimately help you ensure better management of your business operations by providing direct support along with additional services throughout the tenure of this association. With a CRM, you can effectively target your desired market, improve collaboration, gain incredible customer insights, improve the efficiency of business, and focus on driving enhanced customer experience with better sales and revenue generation.

9. How do you offer SAP C/4HANA services?

At Spadoom, we provide SAP C/4HANA services via cloud hosting which is the only way it is available. The advantage of its provision via cloud-based CRM software is its quick deployment, regular automatic updates, scalability, and cost savings. Additionally, the collaboration across the organization can be greatly enhanced when employees can work form anywhere and any device. Additionally, we help organizations transfer their data from legacy systems to Sap C/4HANA.