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Spadoom Expands its Excellence and Achieves SAP Partner Status in Italy

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In a significant expansion of its premium digital transformation services, Spadoom is proud to announce its new achievement as an SAP Gold Partner in Italy. This milestone marks a crucial step in Spadoom's journey towards providing unparalleled SAP solutions across Europe and beyond. 


This achievement comes after rigorous assessments and a proven track record of delivering exceptional SAP solutions. It is not just a geographical growth but also represents a pivotal growth in Spadoom’s network and capabilities. With this new status, Spadoom strengthens its position in the European market, particularly in the digital strategy and cloud consulting sectors. As a recognized SAP Gold Partner in Italy, it now extends its expertise in SAP Commerce Cloud and Business Technology Platform (BTP) to diverse Italian businesses. 

Press Release Spadoom

Our recognition as a SAP Gold Partner in Italy is a significant stride towards our mission of delivering top-tier digital solutions across the world. We are excited to bring our innovative approach and deep industry knowledge to more businesses and drive digital transformation in the heart of Europe.

– Dario Pedol, CEO and Partner at Spadoom

Press Release Spadoom

Looking ahead, Spadoom is set to embark on new projects and collaborations in Italy, bringing its signature blend of innovation and customer-centric solutions to a wider audience. Moreover, the new opportunities and challenges offered by Italy’s vibrant and intricate socioeconomic landscape will open the doors to further enhancement in service quality and innovation.

About Spadoom

Spadoom is a Swiss-based digital transformation company and an SAP Gold Partner specialising in digital strategy, cloud consulting, and custom software development solutions. With offices in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, India, and the USA, Spadoom caters to various industries including automotive, consumer goods, medical, chemical, industrial equipment, and retail. 

Known for its comprehensive and tailored solutions, Spadoom continues to grow and solidify its position as a leader in SAP implementation and digital transformation solutions.

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