Explore Spadoom’s references, case studies, and success stories to see our expertise in action. Discover how our tailored SAP CX solutions have driven efficiency, innovation, and growth across diverse industries. Learn from real-world examples and proven results.

Success Story: Franke Home Solutions

Working closely with designers and showrooms, Franke Holdings AG has become one of the world’s most prestigious kitchen equipment brands. To provide resellers with a smooth digital purchasing experience and the information they need to close sales, the manufacturer introduced an online ordering portal based on the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

Fressnapf’s Digital Leap

When Fressnapf sought to redefine the pet retail landscape, Spadoom provided the digital craftsmanship needed to create a seamless e-commerce strategy. Together, we crafted a narrative of innovation, strategy, and technological prowess that reshaped the pet care retail space.

SPAR’s Digital Odyssey

SPAR, the retail behemoth, has embraced the digital revolution with Spadoom’s expertise. Our collaboration has redefined the retail experience, setting a new benchmark for innovation and customer engagement in the digital realm

Driving Success: Daimler Trucks’ Journey

Discover how Daimler Trucks revolutionized their decision-making process and streamlined operations with our tailored analytics solution. From real-time insights to seamless data integration, unleash the potential of your business with Spadoom. Learn more about our success story today!

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