Spadoom Leads the Way in Customized SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation

Respond quickly to changing market trends and compete with your rivals using the right mix of software, technology, and design architecture. Spadoom will help you take your first step and set a strong foundation toward a digitally enabled future.


Spadoom Leads the Way in Customized SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation

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Spadoom AG is making waves in the digital commerce sphere, emerging as a leader in customized SAP Commerce Cloud implementations.


Spadoom is emerging as a trailblazer in tailored SAP commerce solutions. This Swiss-based SAP Gold partner has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions, helping businesses transform their digital commerce strategies. Completing over 100 projects for over 20 clients across the world with over 70 global partners, the success of Spadoom’s SAP Commerce Cloud solutions is evident in the numbers.

Spadoom’s approach to SAP Commerce Cloud implementation stands out for its focus on customization and scalability. Their success is not just in leveraging technology but in creating ecosystems that resonate with diverse market demands. Spadoom has demonstrated exceptional versatility; expanding across multiple industries such as Automotive, Consumer Goods, Medical, Chemical, Industrial Equipment, and Retail. 

They are also expanding their geographical client base rapidly. With a recent expansion as an SAP Gold Partner in Italy, Spadoom has further solidified its position as a premier provider of SAP solutions across Europe. This diverse and rapid growth underscores Spadoom’s proficiency in delivering customized solutions that not only meet but far exceed client expectations.

Dario Pedol, CEO of Spadoom, shares his thoughts on Spadoom’s rapid progress:

Press Release Spadoom

Our journey with SAP Commerce Cloud is more than just about technology; it’s about understanding and meeting the evolving needs of businesses. We’re proud to have helped numerous clients enhance their digital presence and profitability in these challenging times.

– Dario Pedol, CEO and Partner at Spadoom

Press Release Spadoom

Looking forward, Spadoom is committed to expanding its digital transformation services, focusing on SAP Commerce Cloud and Business Technology Platform (BTP). The company aims to enhance service quality and innovation, meeting the intricate needs of the vibrant and diverse market​ in Europe and beyond.

About Spadoom

Spadoom is a leader in digital strategy, cloud consulting, and custom software development solutions. As an SAP Gold Partner, the company specializes in SAP implementation, catering to various industries, including automotive, consumer goods, medical, chemical, industrial equipment, and retail. With offices in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, India, and the USA, Spadoom continues to grow and strengthen its position as a leader in digital transformation solutions.

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