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According to The Business Research Company’s retail market analysis research report, retail stores are increasingly offering one-of-a-kind features and experiences to meet consumers’ expectations. Experiential retail sector refers to a store that allows customers to purchase an experience rather than just services or goods. This pattern is largely driven by millennials and their preference for experiences over services or goods. These stores frequently make use of technology and innovation, such as traditional elements and retail augmented reality combined with activities and mobile apps. As a result, retail stores are gradually being digitized in order to improve operational effectiveness as well as sales. The digitalization of the retail industry enables retail stores to have portable mobile application access, allowing retailers to smooth out the ordering of items, recommend items that the consumer is likely to purchase, and provide quick delivery when compared to traditional delivery. Digitalization reduces costs while increasing sales at convenience and mom-and-pop stores.

Businesses in the retail industry are increasingly working to provide clients with an improved and seamless shopping experience, and as a result, they are pursuing the integration of their physical stores with the online shopping experience. Retailers who implement these strategies provide customers with a variety of ways to purchase their products, both online and offline. As a result, it is more convenient and flexible for consumers to avail themselves of services or purchase products, which aids in increasing sales.

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Store Front Extensions

• Brand-specific web site extensions
• Responsive design framework
• Cockpit Customizations
• PCI DSS compliance solution
• Fraud engine solution
• Personalisation to improve user experience
• Complex catalog synchronization rules

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Integration Extensions

• Extensions for dynamic content aggregation through connectors to.
     — 3rd Party inventory providers
     — Social tools

• Search and Merchandizing tools like
• Home-grown retail systems and call center solutions
• Various ERP Systems (including SAP DataHub

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Continues Integration and Code Quality Framework

• End to end system integration
• Day-to-day service delivery
• Customer-centric Center of Excellence

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hybris Product Test Accelerators

Achieve faster time-to-market through our reusable test scripts:

• Sonata’s test automation framework (— up to 70% automation)
     — Up to 40% reusable functional and platform test scripts
     — Up to 30% reusable automation scripts

• Sonata’s Agile testing methodology

To assist the retail industry, Spadoom is partnering with major retailers worldwide to customize seamless SAP C/4 Hana customer-focused e-commerce solutions that outperform competitors. Our SAP C/4 Hana solutions are heavily customer-focused, which enhances the end-user experience. The Spadoom is focused on digitalization in order to improve operational efficiency and sales. Our solutions enable retail stores to have mobile application access, allowing for seamless and efficient product ordering and product recommendations. By integrating their brick-and-mortar store with online shopping, our Spadoom developers provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. Our team has extensive experience integrating Omni-channel shopping methods ranging from mobile to online to in-store. At Spadoom, we are committed to improving your customers’ path-to-purchase by being flexible and convenient, resulting in increased sales for our retailers’ clients and, potentially, you in the future. At Spadoom, we are here to consult with you and provide the best solutions as well as all the necessary functions for mapping your retail business processes, including but not limited to data storage and merchandise procurement.SAP

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Consistent and Consolidated Platform

Transformed one of Europe’s largest tour operators from disparate E-Commerce and brick-and-mortar retail platforms into a consolidated and consistent platform.

BENEFITS: Enabled browse, search, book, and service capabilities across channels.

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Single Source of Truth

Centralization of all data points for an Australian based B2B supplies distributor.

BENEFITS: Reduced inconsistency with effective utilization of hybris features. Centralized multi-region and multi-language platform.

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Migration to hybris for better customer experience

Rollout of the B2B ecommerce platform for a European sports equipment company from their existing SAP platform to Hybris, integrating with their SAP backend, with more enriched features at par with their B2C platform.

BENEFITS: Single tool for client distributors and organisation improving the user experience and customer.

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Maximizing the use of hybris accelerator functionality

Upgrade for a largest home linens specialists in Australia. Omni-channel operator providing customers both a visual journey via their 50 stores around the country, as well as a convenient online and mobile store.

BENEFITS: Upgrade with agile methodology in order to ensure maximum flexibility when managing priorities and speed up implementation process, within the customer’s budget.

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Automated Testing for hybris implementation

Executed automation testing for a retailer in ANZ region through SONATA “RAPID” platform.

BENEFITS: More than 70% automation using global delivery model. Benchmarked Performance for better comparison.