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The habits of today’s consumers goods distribution in terms of purchasing goods products and services and collaborating with businesses have shifted dramatically. Spadoom assists clients with the changes by utilizing social, advanced, and versatile technology to gather the data they require to make better purchasing decisions and thus frequently avoid a significant portion of the customer purchasing that is dependent on interaction with sales professionals. Consumers and clients expect companies to be adaptable and flexible in allowing them to make purchases through various channels such as in-store, web, or mobile, and they expect predictable encounters and consistent experiences with seamless handovers. Spadoom recognizes the enormous measures of alternatives available only a single click away, they are more enticed than ever to switch items or suppliers if they are not getting the experience or service they desire. Customized and context-oriented information and marketing efforts delivered through the appropriate channel are the most effective way to reach current customers for consumer goods&services industry.


of the customers abandon a purchase if they can’t find quick answers to their questions.

That is why, in today’s digital economy, businesses must look for new or improved ways to attract and retain customers. Organizations that fail to do so will face problematic and difficult situations in the future. Spadoom focuses on increasing customer loyalty by providing an easy-to-use and personalized interface.

Spadoom zero on:

• Early adoption of new business models

• Understanding the customer journey

• An unrelenting concern for continuous customer service through every touch-point

• Delivering a fully integrated Omni-channel experience

SAP Hybris Commerce
Spadoom also provides SAP C/4 Hana Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite, which can be tailored by our team of high-end developers to provide a tailored solution combining e-commerce, marketing (pre-) sales, and customer service.
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