SPAR's Digital Odyssey: Powered by Spadoom

From Traditional Retail to Digital Powerhouse: SPAR's Transformation Journey

SPAR, the retail behemoth, has embraced the digital revolution with Spadoom’s expertise. Our collaboration has redefined the retail experience, setting a new benchmark for innovation and customer engagement in the digital realm.

About SPAR

SPAR, with its mantra, “Better Together,” has been a cornerstone of community retail for over eight decades. Their dedication to quality and local service has cultivated a loyal customer base across 48 countries, with thousands of stores in operation. This retail behemoth prides itself on delivering a modern and memorable shopping experience tailored to community needs, all while pushing the envelope in sustainable practices.

Our Community Focused Approach Highlights


Spanning 48 countries globally


Operating more than 13,900 stores


Over 85 years of retail excellence

SPAR's Digital Dilemma

SPAR faced the imperative to innovate or risk falling behind, and their challenges were not just about technology but adapting to a new era of digital consumerism.

Adapting to a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.

Modernizing legacy systems to meet contemporary consumer expectations.

Streamlining operations for efficiency and sustainability.

The stakes were especially high for SPAR, as their vast, multi-country presence demanded a digital transformation that was both cohesive and tailored to regional nuances.

Our Solutions

Unified E-Commerce Ecosystem

We engineered an integrated SAP Commerce Cloud solution, facilitating a seamless transition for SPAR’s sports fashion branch, Hervis, into a unified digital ecosystem.

Operational Efficiency Reinvented

Our cloud deployment strategy streamlined SPAR’s operations, delivering a new level of efficiency and enabling them to adapt swiftly to market trends and customer demands.

Data-Driven Customer Insights

The upgrade to SAP Commerce Cloud gave SPAR the tools to harness customer data effectively, translating into personalized shopping experiences and targeted marketing campaigns.

Scalable Architecture for Growth

With a focus on scalability, we ensured that SPAR’s digital infrastructure could support their continuous growth and rapid expansion into new markets.

Seamless Integration Across Borders

The intricacies of SPAR’s multi-country operations required a bespoke approach to integration, one that Spadoom provided, ensuring a consistent brand experience worldwide.

Sustainability Through Technology

By leveraging technology for more efficient processes, we helped SPAR in their commitment to sustainability, reducing waste and improving their ecological footprint.

Our Achievements

Reduction in operational processing time

Uplift in customer engagement online

Faster time-to-market for new products and services

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Embracing digitalization with Spadoom has not just been about upgrading systems; it has been a cultural shift for SPAR, solidifying their reputation as pioneers in retail innovation. Your SAP customer experience heroes at Spadoom are dedicated to charting new paths to success for our clients.

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