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Working closely with designers and showrooms, Franke Holdings AG has become one of the
world’s most prestigious kitchen equipment brands. To provide resellers with a smooth digital
purchasing experience and the information they need to close sales, the manufacturer introduced an online ordering portal based on the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

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products with full details available through the e-commerce portal.
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source of truth about transaction information.

With the portal based on SAP Commerce Cloud. our reseller partners can find the answers they need and place orders in an efficient way, enabling them to deliver outstanding service to their customers.

Anton Lütte
Head of Technical Architecture and Operations, Franke Holdings AG


Providing reseller partners with a single online sales portal

Equipment from Franke Holdings AG helps people create kitchen spaces that are both practical and beautiful. Combining engineering with modern technology, functional aesthetics, and integrated services, the company produces products for domestic kitchens, foodservice equipment, and professioanl coffee-making systems. 

To make it easier to do business with Franke, the manufacturer’s Home Solutions division wanted to digitalize the customer journey. It wanted to provide reseller partners with inspiration, consistent information, and automated purchasing processes to boost sales and reduce manual work – all in one place.

Resellers in different countries worked from differebt product data sources, and while the company already offered online customer portals in some regions, these portals had multiple and diverse operating models. To harmonize global e-commerce processes and establish a single source for product information, Franke decided to create a single, global online sales portal for retailers, kitchen studios, and project developers.


Integrating global e-commerce processes

Franke began a thorough evaluation process of available e-commerce solutions. Impressed by its
comprehensive functionality and tight integration with the existing SAP landscape, the company selected the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

Customer experience specialist and SAP partner Spadoom GmbH helped Franke develop a
business-to-business portal based on SAP Commerce Cloud and implement it across 11 countries. In addition, the team used the solution to develop a business-to-consumer Web site for accessories and spares, which it deployed in six countries.

Integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud is the SAP Product Content Management solution, which populates the sales portal with consistent, accurate, and detailed information about Franke products. In addition, SAP Commerce Cloud integrates with the company’s SAP ERP, delivering real-time updates on product availability and order information. Through an additional interface to the SAP Sales Cloud solution, access to customer relationship management data and ticketing information is made available to the customer by means of a user-friendly UI.


Growing sales by helping resellers better manage their business

The sales portal provides a smooth user experience and efficient sales support at each stage of the resellers’ purchasing journey. It provides a single source of consistent and accurate information on Franke’s products, improving the ease of doing business with the company and helping reseller sales teams excel at their job.

As well as enabling a smooth, digitalized ordering process, the portal provides real-time information on
delivery timings. This helps resellers manage their business more efficiently and deliver better service to their customers.

For Franke, the elimination of paperwork due to the digitalization of sales processes and the provision of
self-service functionality for resellers has significanty improved operational efficiency. Meanwhile, a marked reduction in incoming phone inquiries saves time for sales and service personnel, enabling them to focus on other tasks. What’s more, with all order information in one place, Franke can monitor and analyze product sales to gain insights into customer preferences, helping the company shape future sales and promotional strategies.


Rolling out additional functionality to enhance the customer journey

With the sales portal in place, Franke is now focusing on increasing adoption by encouraging resellers to
switch to placing their orders through it. In this way, the company can reduce incoming calls to salespeople, cutting time and cost.

The company also plans to run design thinking workshops to explore capabilities offered by SAP Commerce Cloud that Franke has not yet deployed. Areas under consideration include deployment of promotions functionality as well as leveraging integration with SAP Product Content Management to provide suggestions of similar products when an item is out of stock. In addition, the company plans to extend its rollout of the sales portal to additional countries.


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