All You Need To Know for Developing Effective Marketing Campaigns With SAP Emarsys

The digital marketplace is exploding, and numbers paint a clearer picture than any headline. Global online retail sales have hit a staggering $4.9 trillion, according to Statista, and are poised to skyrocket over 50% in just four years. This isn’t just growth; it’s a revolution in how we think about commerce and customer engagement. And at the heart of this revolution is SAP Emarsys, a beacon of innovation in a sea of digital opportunity. 


In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the capabilities of SAP Emarsys, exploring how it empowers businesses to navigate and capitalize on the ever-expanding digital arena. From crafting compelling email campaigns to personalizing customer experiences, SAP Emarsys is not just a platform; it’s your partner in achieving marketing excellence.

Email Campaigns with SAP Emarsys

Diving into the world of email marketing with SAP Emarsys opens a realm of possibilities. Before launching any campaigns, it’s crucial to establish a solid sender reputation. This foundational step, often achieved through an IP warm-up program, ensures your messages reach their intended audiences effectively.


SAP Emarsys stands out in its versatility in managing various types of email campaigns. From large-scale batch campaigns that deliver a unified message to diverse audience segments to highly personalized transactional emails triggered by specific events – the platform offers a spectrum of possibilities. Batch campaigns in SAP Emarsys allow for targeted content delivery, leveraging personalization options to resonate with different segments within your launch list. Meanwhile, transactional messages cater to individualized customer interactions triggered by actions such as registrations, form submissions, or even specific dates like birthdays.


To tailor these campaigns effectively, understanding your email marketing strategy is critical. SAP Emarsys provides the tools and features – some ready to use out-of-the-box, others requiring more tailored implementation – to align with your unique campaign goals. Whether it’s through the Emarsys interface or leveraging external integrations and APIs, the platform equips you to create impactful, timely email communications that engage and convert.


As we explore SAP Emarsys’s capabilities, it’s clear that its strength lies in sending emails and creating meaningful connections with every inbox reached.

Building Launch Lists

Leveraging Multiple Channels with SAP Emarsys

When it comes to email marketing, the art of building effective launch lists is akin to crafting a master key that unlocks the potential of your campaigns. These lists are the backbone of your strategy, determining whom your messages reach and how they resonate. It’s a nuanced process, blending data-driven insights with marketing acumen to segment your audience into meaningful groups.


  • Individual Contacts- Ideal for sending time-critical and transactional messages to specific individuals.
  • Segments- Utilize dynamic segments for batch campaigns, refreshing at the moment of sending. Segments can be based on various criteria, including contact properties, email response behaviors, or geo-location data. With the Smart Insight feature, you can employ these segments as launch lists.
  • Combined Segments- Merge different segments to broaden your campaign’s reach while maintaining targeted communication.
  • Contact Lists- For campaigns where a static group of recipients is preferred, creating static contact lists is beneficial.


How you build your launch lists in SAP Emarsys can significantly influence the effectiveness of your email campaigns. By mastering this aspect of email marketing, you position your campaigns for greater engagement and success.

Content Creation and Personalization

Creating engaging and personalized email content is a breeze with SAP Emarsys, thanks to its intuitive Visual Content Editor. This tool simplifies the process of designing visually appealing emails using templates, which can be pre-populated with predefined content while still allowing room for manual additions or API imports.


For those preferring a bespoke approach, Emarsys supports custom HTML emails. You can enter content directly into the editor or automate it via API. Additionally, Emarsys’s conditional text feature enables you to tailor specific content blocks to different recipient groups.


Moreover, Emarsys enhances personalization with various features. Content elements like greetings and names can be personalized using database fields. You have the flexibility to show different content sections to various segments within your launch list. The platform also includes a Media Database for easy image integration and supports pulling transactional or product-specific content from external databases to enrich your emails.


In essence, Emarsys empowers you to craft emails that are visually attractive and deeply personalized, resonating with each segment of your audience. By harnessing these features, SAP Emarsys empowers your emails to reach inboxes and resonate with hearts.

Campaign Timing and Scheduling

Timing is everything in email marketing, and SAP Emarsys offers sophisticated scheduling tools to ensure your campaigns hit the mark at the right moment. The platform allows for meticulous planning and timing of your email campaigns, ensuring they reach your audience when they are most likely to engage.


  • Strategic Scheduling- Utilize Emarsys to strategically schedule your emails, considering factors like time zones, customer online behavior, and peak engagement periods.
  • Automated Timing- Emarsys also supports automated scheduling, sending emails based on triggers or specific customer actions, ensuring timely and relevant engagement.


Effective campaign timing and scheduling in SAP Emarsys can significantly enhance the impact of your email marketing efforts, leading to higher open rates, engagement, and, ultimately, customer conversion.

Leveraging Multiple Channels

Leveraging Multiple Channels with SAP Emarsys

SAP Emarsys empowers you to reach your audience wherever they are in the digital world, amplifying your campaign impact and achieving real results. Its comprehensive suite of tools caters to every stage of the customer experience, ensuring seamless cross-channel engagement:


  • Mobile Campaigns- Emarsys ensures mobile responsiveness in email templates and extends its capabilities to SMS campaigns and Mobile Engage for app push notifications.
  • Ad Campaigns- Utilize Emarsys’ ads channel for targeted ad campaigns on social networks, helping you engage existing customers and find new leads.
  • Web Channel- Emarsys allows for the display of customizable marketing content on your website, enhancing user engagement.
  • Web Push- Incorporate browser push messaging seamlessly into your strategy with Web Push, delivering personalized notifications directly to users’ browsers.


By leveraging these diverse channels, SAP Emarsys enables a holistic approach to digital marketing, ensuring your message resonates effectively across the customer’s digital journey.

Measuring Success

SAP Emarsys provides an extensive toolkit for analyzing your email campaign responses, ensuring you have a clear and detailed understanding of their performance.


  • Launch Statistics- Get a complete overview of each campaign, including the number of recipients, exclusions due to blocklists, email syntax issues, and frequency caps.
  • Deliverability Statistics- Track delivered emails and categorize bounces (soft, hard, and block) to assess the reach of your campaigns.
  • Email Responses- Monitor key engagement metrics like clicks, opens, and social media shares.
  • Trend Analysis- Identify response trends over time and break down responses by time of day and days of the week for more nuanced insights.
  • Revenue Attribution- Emarsys provides detailed explanations of how revenue is attributed to various channels, enabling you to understand the financial impact of your campaigns.


With these tools, SAP Emarsys empowers you to comprehensively track and measure the success of your campaigns, making it easier to optimize future marketing strategies.

Spadoom’s Expertise in SAP Emarsys Implementation

Maximizing Digital Marketing with Spadoom's SAP Emarsys Expertise

At Spadoom, as SAP Gold Partners, we understand the intricacies of digital marketing in the ever-evolving online retail landscape. Our expertise in implementing SAP Emarsys and developing successful email campaigns is grounded in our deep experience and knowledge of digital strategy and SAP solutions. Here’s how Spadoom can help you with SAP Emarsys Implementation and your marketing campaigns:


  • Customized Implementation Strategies- Spadoom can assist you in creating tailored SAP Emarsys implementation plans that align with your specific business goals and marketing strategies.
  • Advanced Campaign Development- Utilizing our deep expertise in digital strategy and SAP solutions, we assist you in crafting effective and engaging email campaigns, ensuring they are impactful and drive measurable results.
  • End-to-End Support and Guidance- Our team provides comprehensive support throughout the implementation process, from initial setup to optimization and ongoing management of campaigns.
  • Data-Driven Insights and Analytics- We leverage SAP Emarsys’ robust analytics to help businesses understand campaign performance and customer behavior, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Training and Empowerment- Spadoom ensures that your team is well-equipped to use SAP Emarsys effectively, offering training sessions and resources for maximizing the platform’s potential.
  • Continued Innovation and Upgrades- We stay abreast of the latest developments in SAP Emarsys, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most up-to-date features and enhancements.


Choosing Spadoom as your partner in deploying SAP Emarsys is a game-changer for your digital marketing journey. In addition to technical assistance, you also gain a seasoned guide through the SAP Emarsys landscape, enriched with Spadoom’s digital strategy expertise. With Spadoom, you’re embracing a future where your digital marketing efforts set new benchmarks for success.

Ready to Make Marketing Magic?

As we’ve journeyed through the extensive capabilities of SAP Emarsys, it’s clear that this platform is more than just a tool – it’s a catalyst for revolutionizing how businesses approach online retail and customer engagement. From crafting dynamic email campaigns to harnessing the power of multiple digital channels, SAP Emarsys opens a world of possibilities. Let Spadoom guide you in leveraging the full potential of SAP Emarsys. Together, we’ll craft a digital marketing strategy that sets new standards for success. Connect with Spadoom, your SAP Customer Experience Heroes, today, and let’s create marketing magic!