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Unlock the Secrets to Effective Automation with SAP BTP

Dive deep into the world of automation with our latest whitepaper, and discover how you can seamlessly integrate, extend, and innovate your business processes with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).  Explore the plethora of opportunities that SAP BTP opens up for businesses, enabling them to create more value with operational data, respond more adeptly to customer demands, and deliver process automation that generates significant time savings for employees.

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About The WhitePaper

Did you know that development teams utilizing SAP BTP achieve a staggering 514% 3-year ROI and 87% higher productivity? Our whitepaper is your pivotal guide to navigating through the intricate pathways of SAP BTP and unleashing its full power so you can enjoy the same benefits! 

This whitepaper, enriched with case studies, expert insights, and a step-by-step guide to implementing SAP BTP, is not just a resource. It’s a beacon for organizations aspiring to elevate their operational processes and customer experiences by leveraging automation.

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SAP BTP is not just a platform; it’s a catalyst that propels your business into the future of automation

– Dario Pedol, Senior Software Architect & CEO, Spadoom

Press Release Spadoom

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What’s inside

  • Comprehensive Insights into SAP BTP
  • Detailed Guide on Leveraging SAP BTP for Automation
  • Exclusive Case Study: Franke Kitchens’ Journey with SAP BTP
  • Expert Strategies for Getting Started with SAP BTP
  • Solutions to Common SAP BTP Implementation Challenges
  • Multiple comprehensive infographics to simplify the complexities

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Chapter 1

We first explore the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), a key enabler in the digital transformation journey of modern enterprises. SAP BTP stands out as a cloud-based ecosystem, providing a rich array of tools and services essential for the development, integration, extension, and automation of business applications. By leveraging SAP BTP, businesses can create tailored, intelligent solutions that operate seamlessly across diverse cloud infrastructures.

Next comes the composition of SAP BTP, which includes SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud. Collectively, they not only form the technological backbone of SAP BTP but also act as strategic tools that empower businesses to innovate rapidly, optimize their processes, and achieve superior outcomes.

SAP BTP also plays a crucial role in personalization and scalable innovation. The platform supports low-code application development, artificial intelligence, enterprise automation, and data fabric, allowing businesses to swiftly develop applications with minimal coding effort. This facilitates the automation of workflows, efficient data management, and the integration of various applications and data sources. As a result, SAP BTP positions businesses for success in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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In the realm of digital transformation, knowledge is power, and this whitepaper is a powerhouse

– Dario Pedol, Senior Software Architect & CEO, Spadoom

Press Release Spadoom

Unlock a World of Automation Download the White Paper Now!

About the author.

Dario Pedol is a maestro in the realm of SAP implementation, integrations, and digital transformations. With a rich experience spanning over 15 years, Dario has been a beacon of knowledge and expertise, guiding major enterprises through their SAP journeys as a Senior Software Architect, Developer, and Consultant. His insights are not just derived from theoretical knowledge but are sculpted from hands-on experiences, dealing with real-time challenges, and crafting solutions that resonate with operational demands.

As the CEO of Spadoom, a Swiss-based SAP Gold partner specializing in digital strategy, cloud consulting, and custom software development, Dario brings to the table a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic foresight. His leadership has propelled Spadoom to become a beacon of SAP solutions, particularly in SAP CX implementation, across various industries, including Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Retail, to name a few.


Dario Pedol
Spadoom AG





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