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Spadoom Reveals the Impact of SAP Commerce Cloud on Global Retail Markets!

Spadoom, a leading SAP Gold Partner, has released detailed research findings that shed light on the transformative role being played by SAP Commerce Cloud in the global retail sector.


The study, titled ‘The Future of Retail: SAP Commerce Cloud’s Impact on Global Markets‘, details the findings from a comprehensive survey of 600 businesses globally. It comes in response to the growing trends observed in enterprise-level commerce, where 72% firmly believe that SAP Commerce Cloud has significantly empowered their e-commerce capabilities.

Detailed analysis of user distribution shows SAP Commerce Cloud finds strong patronage among various industries and across all business types and sizes. By geographical reach, it is the most favored in the USA and Europe but also finds a significant user base beyond them.

As Dario Pedol, CEO of Spadoom states-

Press Release Spadoom

Cloud technologies are increasingly becoming the backbone for business transformation and our study reaffirms this. What’s particularly noteworthy, is the impressive surge in businesses adopting SAP Commerce Cloud in the past six months.

– Dario Pedol, CEO and Partner at Spadoom

Press Release Spadoom
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Spadoom is a renowned SAP Gold Partner offering expansive SAP services and solutions to align businesses to the future. Placing a strong emphasis on seamless customer experiences and reduced cost of ownership, Spadoom is dedicated to delivering scalable, flexible, and secure SAP solutions.

In harmony with Spadoom’s mission of facilitating technological transformation, these findings underscore the company’s commitment to widespread SAP Commerce Cloud adoption. The focus is not just on implementation but also on empowering businesses for enhanced profitability, greater customer satisfaction, and seamless buying processes.

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