Here's How You Can Get Started With the SAP Emarsys Platform

The eCommerce landscape is constantly changing, and prioritizing customer experience (CX) has become paramount. A Forbes blog reveals that a staggering 79% of executives consider digital CX “extremely or very important.” This stat isn’t just a number; it reflects the profound shift in how businesses connect with their customers. 

At the heart of this transformation lies the SAP Emarsys Platform, a beacon of innovation in SAP’s product portfolio. SAP Emarsys is a gateway to unparalleled marketing automation capabilities, offering bespoke customer engagement tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Whether you’re a SAP novice or seeking to revamp your existing setup, harnessing SAP Emarsys can be a game-changer. As we delve into the world of SAP Emarsys, we embark on a journey to explore how you can get started with the SAP Emarsys platform and work towards revolutionizing your approach to customer engagement.

Prepping for Success With SAP Emarsys

Prepping for Success with SAP Emarsys

Before you embark on your journey with the SAP Emarsys platform, it’s crucial to lay the groundwork for a successful implementation. SAP Emarsys, as a cloud-based, omnichannel marketing platform, thrives on personalized and engaging customer experiences. But to leverage its full potential, certain prerequisites must be met.

Understanding Data Requirements and Segmentation

At the core of SAP Emarsys’s efficiency is data. As stated on Emarsys’s website, “consolidated data is the single biggest hurdle for marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences”​​. Therefore, ensuring that your data is well-organized and accessible is paramount, which includes having a clear understanding of your customer data, sales data, and product catalog. In SAP Emarsys, you can upload sales data through various methods like CSV file uploads via API or SFTP or using the Emarsys Shopify plugin​​. For the product catalog, fields such as ‘Brand’ and ‘Category’ are essential to support catalog promotion​​.


Additionally, creating an effective audience segmentation strategy is also vital. Emarsys simplifies personalization by allowing marketers to build dynamic segments based on contact properties or behavior, employing its Predict engine to analyze web behavior data and deliver personalized recommendations across multiple channels​​.


By addressing these prerequisites, you can maximize the effectiveness of SAP Emarsys in your marketing strategy. And remember, as your SAP customer experience heroes, Spadoom is here to guide you through every step of this journey, ensuring a seamless and successful integration of SAP Emarsys into your business systems.

Setting Up Your SAP Emarsys Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting Up Your SAP Emarsys Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Tenant Configuration

Begin your journey with SAP Emarsys by configuring your tenant. This crucial first step involves providing key details about your desired setup. You’ll need to download and complete a form for the Email Channel activation process. The form is available on Emarsys. For your convenience, you can submit it to your assigned Implementation Consultant (e.g., Spadoom) or through the SAP for Me customer portal.

Step 2: Email and Domain Setup

A critical component of your setup involves email configuration. Ensure you have at least one sender domain ready, as this will be the domain from which your emails are sent. It’s advisable to create a new subdomain specifically for Emarsys emails to achieve optimal deliverability and reputation. This domain must be configured with Emarsys-specific settings such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and MX records​​.

Step 3: Configure the Link Tracking and Unsubscription Management

Link tracking parameters, such as those for Google Analytics, can be attached to all your campaign links to feed external tracking tools. If you manage unsubscriptions outside of Emarsys, a custom List-Unsubscribe URL is necessary. This URL should contain parameters for user identification and, optionally, campaign identification​​​​.

Step 4: Web Extend and User Identification

Decide on your method for identifying users for Web Extend tracking on your website. You can choose between using an email address or another custom identifier. If using email, Emarsys hashes the address before sending it to their servers to maintain privacy. If a custom field is used, it must be pre-existing and present for all users​​.

Step 5: Currency and Web Channel Domains

Select the main currency for tracking purchases, noting that only one currency is supported. Also, provide all domains and subdomains used with the Web Channel, ensuring the Emarsys Web Extend scripts are installed on these domains​​​​.

Step 6: Activating Additional Channels

If you wish to activate the SMS channel, indicate your preference in the handover form. Additionally, you may need to provide information for Open Data and decide on your Google Pub/Sub integration needs​​​​.

Step 7: Sales Data Provisioning

Choose how to send your sales data to Emarsys. The recommended method is via the Sales Data API for real-time file validation and privacy compliance. Alternatively, you can use an Emarsys FTPs server​​.

Step 8: Finalizing the Setup

After completing the forms, contact your Implementation Consultant (e.g., Spadoom) to schedule your account configuration. Alternatively, you can open an incident on the SAP for Me customer portal. Remember, setting up the Emarsys Tenant Configuration in the Core section is your first crucial step to activating your account.


Setting up your SAP Emarsys account involves careful planning and attention to detail. By following these steps and ensuring that each aspect is correctly configured, you can lay a strong foundation for successful marketing automation. And as always, Spadoom is here to assist you with our expertise in SAP solutions, ensuring that your journey with SAP Emarsys is smooth and efficient.

Setting Up the SAP Emarsys Platform: Here’s How Spadoom Can Help

SAP Emarsys Setup with Spadoom: Elevating eCommerce Marketing

Are you having a hard time cracking the eCommerce market and looking to elevate your marketing efforts? Spadoom, with its deep-rooted expertise in SAP solutions and a rich part of SAP’s product portfolio, is your ideal partner for implementing the SAP Emarsys marketing platform. Here’s how Spadoom can be instrumental:

  • Tailored Implementation Strategies- Understanding that each business is unique, we offer customized SAP Emarsys setup and integration, aligning with your specific needs in the eCommerce market.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems– As part of our SAP solutions, we ensure SAP Emarsys integrates smoothly with your existing marketing platforms and systems, enhancing your marketing automation capabilities without disrupting current operations.
  • Expert Guidance and Support- Our team, seasoned in SAP’s product portfolio, provides end-to-end guidance from setting up your account to optimizing your marketing campaigns.
  • Maximizing Marketing Automation- Leverage Spadoom’s expertise to unlock the full potential of SAP Emarsys’s marketing automation capabilities. We help you create targeted, effective campaigns that resonate with your audience.
  • Ongoing Training and Assistance- Beyond the initial setup, Spadoom offers training and continuous support, ensuring your team is well-equipped to use the platform to its fullest.

With Spadoom as your partner, you’re not just adopting a marketing platform but empowering your business with sophisticated marketing automation capabilities tailored to the eCommerce market. Your journey towards enhanced customer engagement and superior marketing outcomes starts here.

Conquering Customer Engagement: A Spadoom-Powered Journey with SAP Emarsys

As we conclude, it’s clear that if you wish to make your mark in the competitive landscape of digital marketing, you need the right tools and partnerships in place. With SAP Emarsys, you unlock a world where data-driven customer insights and personalized engagement strategies are not just concepts but daily business realities. Spadoom, an SAP Gold Partner, works with you as your experienced guide, ensuring you leverage the full potential of SAP Emarsys and navigate every step of your eCommerce journey with precision. 


Together, we at Spadoom empower you to move beyond generic campaigns and personalize your approach for deeper customer connections. Let’s set a new standard for your industry’s digital landscape, one empowered interaction at a time!