10 Tips to Maximise ROI on SAP CX Investments

Customer experience (CX) is a key differentiator and driver of business success in today’s competitive and dynamic market. A striking statistic from a Forbes blog reveals that companies excelling in customer experience outpace their counterparts by an astonishing 80%. Meeting these high CX standards is challenging, especially when customers’ expectations are soaring high, and they have many channels to engage with brands.


This is where SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) steps in. As a suite of cloud-centric applications, the SAP CX platform seamlessly bridges brands with their customers throughout their journey — from initial marketing touchpoints to sales and right through to service and commerce. As we delve deeper, we’ll share ten tips to optimize your ROI on SAP CX investments, ensuring you’re not just using the right tools but maximizing their potential.hg


Why SAP CX is a Game-Changer in Customer Experience


Why SAP CX is a Game-Changer in Customer Experience


Before we go over the tips for maximizing ROI on SAP CX investments, let’s get an understanding of why the SAP CX platform is a game-changer in customer experience. SAP CX is changing the game in customer experience. It’s a powerful tool that lets businesses see a full picture of the customers by pulling data from different sources, including SAP S/4HANA and other systems. This isn’t just about gathering data, it’s about understanding customers better and making smarter decisions. With the help of AI and Machine Learning, the SAP CX  platform offers insights that can shape better customer interactions.


But there’s more! SAP CX helps businesses create experiences that customers remember. Whether it’s on a website, mobile app, or social media, the goal is to be consistent and personal. For the teams behind the scenes, SAP CX provides the tools they need to work together and serve customers better. And since it’s built for the modern digital world, businesses can quickly adapt and innovate as things change.


So, we know SAP CX is great, but how do we make the most of it? That’s what we’re here to explore. Let’s dive into ten tips to get the best ROI from SAP CX-


1. Clearly Define Business Objectives and KPIs

To truly maximize the ROI on SAP CX solutions, it’s crucial to start with a clear roadmap. This begins by defining your business objectives and the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your customer experience initiatives. It’s about ensuring that your CX goals align with your broader business vision. What do you want to achieve, and how will you measure it? Here are some other common CX objectives and KPIs are:


  • Increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Reduce Customer Churn Rate and increase Retention Rate
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Improve Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Increase conversion rate and revenue growth
  • Improve customer loyalty and advocacy


By defining your business objectives and KPIs in SAP CX platforms, you can establish a clear direction and focus for your CX efforts, as well as a baseline for evaluating your progress and performance.


2. Identify and Prioritize Areas of the Customer Journey

The next step is to identify and prioritize the areas of the customer journey that need improvement or transformation. Begin by meticulously mapping out the entire journey your customers undertake, encompassing all stages, channels, and touchpoints. This isn’t just about plotting a path, it’s about diving deep into every interaction. Gathering feedback is invaluable here. Listen to what your customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders have to say. Their insights will shed light on the needs, expectations, and even the pain points that might be hindering the optimal customer experience.


Analyzing this journey will spotlight gaps and areas of concern, but it will also highlight what you’re doing right. With this comprehensive understanding, you can then focus on areas that align closely with your business objectives and KPIs.


3. Invest in Comprehensive Employee Training

Investing in your employee training is synonymous with investing in the success of your SAP CX solutions. Comprehensive training ensures that your team has the essential skills and knowledge to utilize SAP CX to its fullest potential. But it’s not just about mastering the software, it’s about fostering a collaborative environment where employees can exchange best practices, feedback, and innovative ideas.


The benefits of such an investment are manifold. Well-trained employees are more likely to adopt the software wholeheartedly, leading to increased satisfaction. It also minimizes errors, boosting overall productivity and performance. This, in turn, elevates the quality of customer service, leading to happier customers. Moreover, when employees feel valued and empowered, it enhances their engagement and loyalty to the company.


4. Utilize Data and Analytics

Harnessing the power of data is fundamental to elevating customer experience. By diving deep into data and analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and sentiments. More than just understanding, data allows businesses like yours to measure your CX initiatives against set objectives and KPIs, ensuring they’re on the right track.


With the insights derived from data, you can segment your customer base, tailoring interactions to individual preferences and needs. This personal touch can make all the difference in fostering loyalty. Predictive analytics further enhances this by anticipating future customer behaviors, allowing you to be proactive in your approach. Data-driven insights also play a pivotal role in refining CX processes, ensuring they’re optimized for maximum impact. Real-time data analysis ensures that any issues or opportunities in the customer experience are addressed promptly.


SAP CX solutions come equipped with a suite of data and analytics tools designed to empower businesses in their CX endeavors. The SAP Customer Data Platform stands out, offering a unified view of customer data from diverse sources. Tools like SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement utilize AI and ML to craft personalized marketing campaigns. Meanwhile,  other tools aiding data analytics in SAP are the SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Customer Experience Insights, with which you can visualize and measure your CX performance comprehensively.


5. Leverage Integration Capabilities

Integrating various systems is about weaving together different parts of your business to create a cohesive customer experience. For SAP CX solutions to truly shine, they need to be in sync with other systems you rely on, be it SAP’s own offerings like SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, and SAP HANA, or third-party platforms such as other CRMs and e-commerce sites.


Why is this integration so vital? Well, think of it as breaking down walls. When systems are in isolation, data can get trapped, leading to inefficiencies and inaccuracies. But with integration, data flows freely, ensuring that every piece of information is up-to-date and where it needs to be. This not only streamlines operations but also fosters collaboration, as teams have a complete view of the customer journey.


SAP CX doesn’t leave you to figure out integration on your own. Tools like the SAP Integration Suite make it easier to connect different systems, whether they’re from SAP or not. If you want to discover and use APIs, the SAP API Business Hub has covered you. And for those who want to push the boundaries of what SAP CX can do, the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory lets you customize your solutions using the latest cloud technologies.


6. Continuously Monitor and Measure

Consistent monitoring and measurement are the cornerstones of refining the customer experience. To truly get the most out of SAP CX solutions, it’s imperative to keep a close eye on how your CX initiatives align with your business goals and KPIs. This means diving deep into metrics that shed light on the success of your efforts. Metrics like customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), retention rates, and customer lifetime value (CLV) offer invaluable insights into the customer’s perspective.


Continuous oversight allows businesses to gauge the real-world impact of their CX strategies. It highlights what’s working and, more importantly, what isn’t. This ongoing analysis paints a clear picture of customer behavior trends, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, by benchmarking against industry standards or competitors, businesses can set realistic and ambitious targets for themselves.


SAP CX solutions are designed with this need for oversight in mind. They offer intuitive dashboards and reports that present real-time insights, making it easier for businesses to achieve their KPIs in SAP CX. Tools like surveys help gather direct feedback from customers, while alerts ensure that businesses are always in the loop about any emerging CX challenges or opportunities.


7. Establish a Strong Governance Structure

A robust governance structure is pivotal for the success of SAP CX initiatives. It’s not just about having a plan, it’s about ensuring that there’s a dedicated team steering the ship, making informed decisions, and taking accountability for the outcomes.


Establishing a strong governance structure ensures that the CX vision aligns seamlessly with the broader business strategy. It acts as a quality check, ensuring that CX efforts maintain a consistent standard across the board. Moreover, a well-defined governance structure promotes collaboration, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It also provides a framework to address challenges that might crop up, ensuring that the momentum of CX initiatives doesn’t wane over time.


Breaking it down, a typical SAP CX project’s governance structure can be visualized as a hierarchy:


  • Executive Sponsor This is usually a senior leader who sets the strategic direction and ensures the necessary resources are allocated.
  • Steering Committee- Comprising senior managers, this group keeps a close eye on the project’s trajectory, ensuring it’s on track to meet its objectives.
  • Project Manager- This individual is the linchpin, coordinating activities, ensuring resources are used optimally, and overseeing deliverables.
  • Project Team- This dedicated group is hands-on, working on the nitty-gritty of the project, ensuring tasks are completed and milestones are achieved.
  • Working Group- These individuals focus on specific project aspects, diving deep into particular phases or facets of the initiative.


8. Ensure User Adoption

If your team isn’t on board, even the most advanced tools can fall by the wayside. For SAP CX solutions to truly make a difference, user adoption is absolutely necessary. Users need not only the skills but also the enthusiasm to integrate them into their daily routines.


When users actively engage with SAP CX solutions, the entire organization reaps the benefits. The platform is used to its fullest potential, reducing hiccups and user frustrations. This proactive engagement boosts overall productivity and, in turn, elevates the quality of service provided to customers. Happy users often mean happy customers. Moreover, when users feel invested in the platform, it leads to sustained engagement and a commitment to the tool.


So, how can we foster this culture of adoption?


  • Open Dialogue- Make sure users understand why SAP CX solutions are being implemented and the tangible benefits they offer.
  • Empower Through Training- Equip users with the knowledge they need. But don’t just stop at initial training; offer ongoing support to address evolving challenges.
  • Listen Actively- Create channels for users to share their experiences, feedback, and even grievances. This two-way communication can be invaluable.
  • Celebrate Success- Acknowledge and reward those who excel in using the platform, creating a positive reinforcement loop.
  • Stay Informed- Keep an eye on adoption metrics. Understanding how and why users engage with the platform can offer insights for future improvements.


9. Regularly Update Your Strategy

Keeping your CX strategy fresh and relevant is crucial for maximizing the benefits of SAP CX solutions. As the business landscape shifts, customer preferences evolve, and new market trends emerge, it’s essential to revisit and refine your strategy. Think of it as a garden; without regular pruning and planting, it won’t flourish.


Updating your strategy from time to time ensures you remain competitive, meeting or even exceeding customer expectations. It allows you to fine-tune your CX processes, making data-informed decisions. This proactive approach not only boosts the efficiency of your CX initiatives but also fosters a mindset of continuous improvement within the organization. Ultimately, it’s about hitting those CX goals and KPIs, ensuring your strategy remains aligned with broader business objectives.


To keep your strategy sharp, consider employing some tried-and-tested tools and methodologies:


  • SWOT Analysis- This classic framework helps you pinpoint your CX strategy’s strengths and weaknesses while identifying potential opportunities and threats.
  • PESTLE Analysis- Dive deeper into external factors. Understand how political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental aspects might impact your CX strategy.
  • Customer Feedback Loop- This isn’t just about gathering feedback. It’s a holistic process where you analyze customer input, act on it, and then circle back, ensuring the feedback loop is closed.
  • A/B Testing- Sometimes, the best way to decide between two CX elements is to test them head-to-head. See which version resonates more with your audience.
  • Design Thinking- Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. This approach emphasizes empathy, allowing you to better understand customer challenges and craft effective solutions.


10. Partner with Experts

Partnering with experts who have a deep understanding of SAP CX can be a game-changer. While the tools and strategies at your disposal are powerful, navigating this complex ecosystem can be challenging. That’s where the expertise of seasoned professionals comes into play. These specialists bring a wealth of experience, having tackled diverse challenges and implemented solutions across various industries.


Here’s what partnering with experts can bring to the table:


  • Strategic Consulting- Expert partners can help crystallize your CX vision, strategy, and objectives. They bring to the table best practices, invaluable guidance, and actionable recommendations tailored to your unique business needs.


  • Efficient Implementation- With a deep understanding of SAP CX’s intricacies, these experts ensure a smooth deployment, fine-tuned configuration, and seamless integration, all tailored to your specific requirements.


  • Reliable Support- Beyond initial setup, expert partners offer continuous support. From regular maintenance and updates to troubleshooting, they ensure your SAP CX solutions run like a well-oiled machine.


  • Performance Optimization- With a keen eye on metrics, these experts help monitor and enhance your CX performance, offering insights and analytics that drive tangible outcomes.


  • Innovation at Your Fingertips- The world of SAP CX is ever-evolving. Expert partners keep you at the forefront, helping you explore and adopt the latest features and technologies that elevate your CX capabilities.


With over 22,000 partners in SAP’s global network, finding the right SAP consultant might seem daunting. That’s where Spadoom comes into the picture. Spadoom stands out as an SAP Gold partner with a rich history spanning over 15 years. Our track record speaks volumes, having successfully executed numerous SAP CX projects across diverse sectors. Our skilled team is adept at harnessing the power of SAP platforms through and through. Whether your aim is to amplify sales through SAP Sales Cloud or refine customer interactions with SAP Service Cloud, Spadoom has got you covered. Simply put, you can consider us “your SAP customer experience heroes” dedicated to propelling your business forward.



Genuine customer connections are hard to develop and even more difficult to maintain. SAP CX solutions can be a powerful ally in this quest for creating outstanding customer experiences. But it’s true potential is unlocked only when businesses apply it with precision and insight. From setting tangible goals to evolving with the times, from embracing user-centric approaches to collaborating with experts like Spadoom, the roadmap to achieving stellar ROI on SAP CX investments is layered and rich. It’s worth noting that the pursuit of unparalleled customer experience is a continuous one. 


By following these tips, you can ensure that your business extracts maximum value from your SAP CX investments and achieves your CX goals and outcomes.